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BONUS EPISODE TIred Of Feeling Sluggish? Use These Simple Swaps To Nourish Your Body With Everyday Food And Drinks So You Can Feel Better And Get More Done - With Special Guest Chelsi Jo

February 10, 2022

Getting healthy isn't as complicated as you think. In this episode, my friend Chelsi Jo and I share our favorite swaps for your favorite drinks. Simple steps go a long way.

Chelsi Jo is the host of Systemize Your Life, a top 50 podcast, and one of my very dear friends. Her podcast teachers work from home moms how to succeed in home and business.

Chelsi specializes in teaching work from home moms how to use systems to do their very best work in every area of life without feeling pulled in all directions.

She's awesome and you should definitely check out her podcast and Academy. You can find her:





IG |




EMAIL | info@ChelsiJo.Co

Water recipes:




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